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Between the 15th and 19th of March, Valencia is celebrating its Fallas festivity. The basis of the festivity is the “Fallas” monuments. In a display of art, though also of irony and humour, they are exhibited in the streets.

On the last day (19th March), at midnight, they are set on fire and burn in immense, spectacularly beautiful pyres. The splendid monuments, which a few hours before stood proudly in the streets and squares, are reduced to ashes amidst the clamour of hundreds of people who attend the ritual every year.

Symbolically, the “Falleros” throw everything that is considered to be superfluous, harmful or simply unusable onto the bonfire and, by doing so, aim to make a new start and regenerate the spirit. This objective has always been the basis of this kind of pagan rite, since ancient times.



The real purpose of the “Cremà”, though, is simply to make a spectacular display, to keep the tradition and to be able to start out on a new Fallas Year, which always aspires to be better than the last.