Doctoral Call for Papers


The Doctoral Symposium is specially designed for students involved in the preparation of their PhD in any area related to the main CIO’17 topics. This Symposium brings the PhD students the chance to interactively discuss their research issues and ideas with senior researchers and receive constructive feedback from members of the research community.

Organisation and Workshop Format

The Doctoral Symposium will be held during the CIO’17 Conference, on July 5th, 2017. Each submission will be reviewed by different experts in the area. PhD students will present in oral format their thesis topic, the work they have performed so far and the results that they have obtained. A discussant will be appointed to each paper. The experts and audience will interact with the author, providing constructive advice and suggestions. Besides scientific matters, students will also have the opportunity to seek advice on various aspects of completing their PhD and performing research.

Papers Preparation Guidelines

PhD students interested to participate in the Doctoral Symposium are requested to submit a full paper in the CIO’17 Template, with a supporting letter from their PhD advisor. We do accept papers on both initial stage (first or second year) and mature stage (third year, or later) of research. The authors shall clearly indicate their stage of research maturity in the introduction of the paper.
Conditions for presenting papers:

  • Papers must be authored by the PhD student and optionally by student’s PhD advisor/s.
  • PhD student has not yet defended his/her PhD thesis.
  • Papers must discuss topics clearly relevant to the CIO’17 conference theme.
  • Paper should not exceed 8 pages and Word templates can be downloaded here.

The submissions should be contained the following documents written in English:

1. Manuscript: A 8 page paper summarizing his/her dissertation research should include:

  • Problem: The problem the research intends to solve and a motivation of its importance.Related work:  A review of the relevant related work emphasizing the differences and advantages of the proposed approach in the PhD.
  • Related work:  A review of the relevant related work emphasizing the differences and advantages of the proposed approach in the PhD.
  • Proposed solution: A description of the proposed solution and which other work (e.g., in the form of methods or tools) it depends on.
  • Preliminary work: A description of the work to-date and results achieved so far.
  • Expected contributions: A list of the expected contributions to both theory and practice.
  • Plan for evaluation and validation: A description of the way the work does indeed solve the targeted problem and is superior to the existing state of the art (e.g., prototyping, industry case studies, user studies and experiments).

2. A Recommendation Letter: The letter should be from your dissertation advisor and must include:

  • Name and status of the PhD student.Name/s of the PhD advisor/s • An assessment of the current status of the PhD
  • Name/s of the PhD advisor/s.An assessment of the current status of the PhD
  • An assessment of the current status of the PhD.

NOTICE: To simplify the submission process the recommendation letter must be included at the end of the paper, all in the same document. Recommendation letter will not consider as part of 8 maximum pages.


Accepted papers will be presented during the Doctoral Symposium by the PhD student who should be inscribed for the conference.

Accepted papers will be published in the CIO’17 Proceedings book.

Best Paper Award

A best paper award will be given to the outstanding paper and will be published in LECTURE NOTES (Springer).


Only electronic submissions are accepted. Submit original papers via the electronic CIO’17 Conference Management Systems detailed on the web of CIO’17 Conference. Go to submission page.

Important Deadlines for Doctoral Symposium

  • Paper submission deadline: 20th February 2017 6th March 2017.
  • Authors notification due: 17th April 2017.
  • Doctoral Symposium: 5th July 2017

For any question contact (subject: DocSym) or just click here to committee chair.

Download here.